Advanced Technology Suggestions

Global Positioning System (GPS) Car Navigation Systems can be purchased separately or built in to the car. They usually sit on the dashboard and vary in specification and prices. Some have touch screens, can be read in the sunlight and will pick up signals in ‘difficult areas’. Not all GPS devices are the same. Some use combined voice guided instructions along with an interactive map. These products would be more suitable if the person with dementia is already accustomed to using a GPS system.

Global Positioning Systems Tracking Technology (GPS) - There are a number of different products that use GPS to monitor and track users. Products available include mobile phones and hand held tracking devices. This technology uses a ‘real time’ trace to locate the person or vehicle fitted with the ‘tracking device’. Models vary in price and complexity. A ‘real time trace’ is where the location of the tracking device, or mobile phone, is texted to the carer via SMS from the service provider. Alternatively, the location can be viewed on a computer generated map on the carer’s phone or computer. GPS technology does have some limits depending on the product you are using. GPS is unable to track signals inside buildings or in tunnels. Tracking capacity can also depend on local service coverage areas.