Simple Technology Suggestions

Door Murals - if you want to reduce the ‘visibility’ of the front doorway, hanging a curtain or placing a full sized photographic mural across the door can reduce the visibility of the doorway or even create the illusion of a wall. Door sized murals are available from specialty shops and online shopping.

A Security Door Chain with a key lock can be fitted on either the front or back door. If emergency access is required, entry can be gained using the key even when the chain is fitted in the lock position. The security door chain represents a familiar item to those who have used security chains previously. Most large hardware stores have this product.

The ‘Doorganiser’ is designed to hang from the front door handle. It has open pockets and a clip to hold easily forgotten items like glasses, keys, mobile phones or envelopes.

The Sensor Light Adaptor by Beon has an infrared sensor to detect movement and switch on the light. The adaptor is designed to plug straight into a light socket or lamp fitting. This adaptor is useful to light up the front of your home for visitors or unexpected callers. When choosing the wattage of the bulb, please keep in mind that sudden changes in light levels from dark to very bright light can take a number of minutes to adjust to and if too bright can be a falls hazard.