Environmental Suggestions

Mail - an adhesive sign or label attached to the letterbox which states ‘No Junk Mail’ can reduce the amount of printed matter and junk mail posted in the letterbox each day. In addition to minimizing confusion from large amounts of unsolicited mail, mail is less likely to protrude from the letterbox, improving security.

Consider removing any large bushes or shrubbery that block the view of the home from the street. This will remove hiding places and allow neighbours a clearer view of the home.

A Pathway from the front gate to the front entrance which is flat, even and with a surface that is slip resistant can make it easier to collect mail, visit friends and receive visitors.

A Hand Rail installed at the front steps to provide support with climbing and descending the stairs, or a white balustrade installed around the perimeter of the veranda, can provide both support and safety if correctly installed at the right height. An occupational therapist who works in community health or in private practice, or a licensed building service which specialises in installing ramps and hand rails, can assist.

A Security Screen Door at the front entrance allows for the front door to remain open for ventilation but prevents someone from just walking in through the open front door.