Advanced Technology Suggestions

The Infrared Voice Alert Door Entry System speaks a pre-recorded message when someone walks through the beam. This unit can record up to six separate short messages and is useful for pre- recording a reminder message such as ‘remember your keys’ for when you leave the house. It may also be used by a family member to play a message that reminds the person if they get up during the night ‘dad it is still night time, please go back to bed’.

A Video Intercom System which allows the home resident to view callers at their front door. This can be useful if it is not practical for the resident to answer the door due to decreased mobility or distance. The resident can view the visitor’s picture via a television screen or on the telephone handset; they can then allow or deny entry to the visitor by pressing a button on the telephone handset or using a remote control device.

An Emergency Call Assistance Button (or bogus caller button) is located inside the home usually beside the front door. It is designed to be used if there is an unwanted caller to the home. When pressed it communicates via the telephone line to a call centre using a silent mode. The call centre will then follow a predetermined plan to notify either a family member or emergency services. If the button has been pressed in error, the alert can be cancelled using the handset in the home.